Traffic technology

With us you are in good hands! - The automotive industry is a world apart - and Grieshaber Precision is right in the middle of it all: Because here we offer long-term planning, complete delivery reliability, high quantities and a complex know-how as a development partner in the production of aluminium and non-ferrous metal parts.

Especially for the production of safety-critical components of the automotive industry, we have linked systems for process-reliable mass production: With highly automated intelligent robot production lines, which perform several work steps at the same time - and an extensive quality management system according to our 0-error philosophy.


All common aluminium alloys, such as:

  • AA 2007 (Al Cu4 PbMgMn)
  • AA 6061 (Al Mg1 SiCu)
  • AA 6082 (Al Si1 MgMn)
  • AA 6026 (Al MgSiPb)
  • AA 6064A (Al Mg1 SiBi)
  • AA 7075 (Al Zn5, 5MgCu)

All common copper alloys, such as:

  • CW 453K (CuSn8)
  • CW 614N (CuZn39 Pb2)

Lot sizes

  • Prototypes from quantity 1
  • Sample and pre-series production
  • Series lot sizes up to approx. 10,000 pieces
  • Line production with several million parts per year
  • Aftermarket production