We offer cost effectiveness, safety and flexibility through a large number of state-of-the-art machines and processes.

Machining techniques

All common cutting processes are used on the most modern automatic lathes, turning/milling centres, rotary table and grinding machines as well as special machines.

Used lathes and turning/milling centres:

Number of spindles/workpieces 1 to 10
Amount of parallel machining 1 to 18
Machining area/workpiece dimensions approx. Ø 6 to 120 mm

Used rotary table machines:

Number of tensions/workpieces 8 to 15
Amount of parallel machining 14 to 28
Machining area/workpiece dimensions cubic approx. 100x100x100 mm

Used outside circular grinding machines

Centreless plunge grinding 1 to 4 workpieces simultaneously
Through-feed grinding 1 to 3 processing stages
Machining area/workpiece dimensions approx. ø 6 mm to ø 100 mm

Used special machines

Special tasks require special solutions, therefore if necessary, we use individually developed and built solutions to achieve the highest precision and efficiency for you.

Supplementary procedures

Here is an excerpt of our supplementary procedures