Services in detail

We offer you added value! How do we do that? We offer you services that go far beyond the mere production of turned parts.

Planning, development and implementation
Production, logistics and communication
Query processing
Your request is in good hands with us. Fast and competent processing is our goal, whether you want a first rough price indication or a marginal cost calculation for mass production.
Feasibility study
We already plan and simulate the future processing steps in detail in the quotation phase. In this way, we can identify possible problems at the earliest possible date and calculate possible solutions. Likewise, the benefits of anticipated ratio potentials are possible. At this stage, we do not work in the quiet chamber, but rather we seek the most direct line possible to your departments, such as, for example, development, construction, quality assurance, logistics or procurement.
Development support/advice
Let the specialist support you in the machining of aluminium alloys and stainless steels. Their know-how for the finished product and our knowledge, our experience and our passion for our processes form the best basis for future success.
Advice on material or coating issues
We are happy to advise you when it comes to finding suitable proposals with regard to the material/alloy selection or coating/surface systems. Take advantage of our expertise and experience, as well as the specialised knowledge of our partners.
Generating quotes
Clear and reliable feedback on your enquiry is the result of our technical and commercial work within the enquiry process. This feedback is often accompanied by proactive hints regarding quality or cost optimisation potentials. Likewise, you receive transparent statements regarding the use of materials and the cost base, as well as any special costs or investments. Within the scope of our possibilities, we are happy to comply with your wishes or specifications.
Tool development and tool making
Specialisation and know-how need not contradict speed and flexibility, so it is very important to us that the development and construction of our tools is in our own hands. Therefore, we are extremely fast and flexible, especially in tool development and optimisation. In addition, we are in a position to offer innovative and creative, ideas aside from the standard catalogue tools that are available.
Process development and fixture/machine construction
Our goal is to use state-of-the-art technology to always be benchmark in terms of quality, efficiency and technical possibilities. Our own special developments, as well as close development cooperation with selected technology leaders of the industry provide for continuous further development. Standstill is regression, let us move forward together!
Capacity planning and implementation, project investment
We plan EDP based on our orders and projects. In doing so, we take into account the requirements of resources in detail, such as manpower, machines and material, as well as various similarity factors, for example for setup optimisation and formation of families of parts, as well as a variety of possible interactions. Therefore, we are able to evaluate capacity developments in the medium and long term and to react early. If project-specific investments are necessary, you benefit from our economic stability. As part of a partnership-based, long-term agreement, we like to invest in your future and our own!
Development and integration of automation and handling technology
Perfect mass production requires stable and economical processes, the key to which is often a suitable automation concept. Each component or each family of parts, however, has its own, specific requirements, which have to be taken into account, especially in the handling and testing technology and in the interface to the machining processes. Our many years of experience in the field of robotics, handling, image processing and testing technology enables us to develop and build precisely coordinated solutions. We also like to look at interfaces with our suppliers and customers, as it is often possible to do this, e.g. by using common goods carriers or integration/relocation of work steps, which save a high cost potential.
Contract review
Before the first chips are made, we carefully examine all the conditions and requirements, in order to avoid erroneous estimates or misinterpretations in your interests or our own. Our goal is always a perfect result, and this not only means dimensionally good parts, but also the fulfillment of all requirements, such as deadlines, labelling etc.
Prototyping and prototype production
As part of your development or pre-production testing, do you have any need for test parts, prototypes or boundary samples, which are produced taking into account the criteria of a later series production? Great, then you are in the right place with us! We offer our customers a fast and cost-effective way to have sample parts produced in a special, flexible manufacturing and personnel department. Of course, we already looking through the glasses "of a later series production in the planning and implementation of the sample parts production". Therefore, in both your interests and our own, we guarantee that features and requirements for the later serial component can also be achieved in series production. Challenge us, we look forward to your ideas.
APQP/Project Management
Quality can be planned. We have internal procedures and standards and, in addition, comply with your wishes, requirements or the required regulations, e.g. from the automotive industry. We are supported by our modern EDP systems, experience-based checklists and a transparent response management. Not only are our production and testing processes taken into consideration, but also the procurement, service and the internal and external communication and logistics.
APQP/Project Management
Quality can be planned. We have internal procedures and standards and, in addition, comply with your wishes, requirements or the required regulations, e.g. from the automotive industry. We are supported by our modern EDP systems, experience-based checklists and a transparent response management. Not only are our production and testing processes taken into consideration, but also the procurement, service and the internal and external communication and logistics.
FMEA/test planning
We sell safety! Avoiding mistakes right from the start is our motto, because it reduces risks and avoids costs. In close coordination with your requirements, we ensure the best possible results of later series production, by using well-coordinated quality planning processes, the application of the FMEA method and our inspection planning, if possible even before the start of production. Convince yourself of our quality and delivery performance.
Demand pooling, procurement
In order to meet your quality and performance requirements as well as our own, our requirements for suppliers, raw materials and services are very high. Our processes are geared toward quality and efficiency. In addition, we seek to achieve the best possible result through pooling needs, forming families of parts and strategic partnerships.
Pre-series and series production and production of aftermarket needs
If you like, we can accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your components and applications. From the prototype production in our prototyping (see above) over various preliminary and start-up series to serial production and possibly aftermarket or spare part requirements. Always in close coordination with your requirements and the appropriate production technology solutions. Would you like to know more? Then find out more about our technical possibilities on our homepage under the section "Procedures" or even better, contact us directly.
Skill Checks, Save Launch
To safeguard our production, we also use special save-launch processes, in addition to an initial and final part inspection, depending on internal or external requirements. To monitor and regulate series processes, we also rely on the application of modern, statistical methods and calculation models, as well as standardised procedures, in the event of a possible deviation.
Component cleanliness and detecting residual dirt
It does not matter if your cleanliness requirement is more in the range of dirt particles or in the range of surface conditions, e.g. can be found for adhesive applications. We meet the highest requirements! We have state-of-the-art cleaning systems and technologies, the right infrastructure and the necessary testing equipment in house. Take advantage of our many years of experience in this area, because the right combination of infrastructure, process design in the manufacturing and cleaning process as well as in packaging and logistics are often decisive for a perfect result in this area.
Our quality is outstanding! If required or desired, we document our results within the framework of samples or certificates. After a prolonged suspension of a production, we can again document our performance as part of a requalification process. Of course, we take your individual requirements into account, as well as the usual standards and regulations of the industries served. Let us know what it is that you need!
Packaging planning and implementation
High-quality components require suitable packaging. We are happy to use your existing or standardised packaging systems. However, if there is no concept yet, we will be happy to plan and develop the right packaging materials in close consultation with you and implement the optimum concept for your component.
Storage, transport and delivery and preparation and implementation of logistics concepts
The right quantity, with the right quality at the right time in the right place, and with the best possible environmental compatibility and the lowest possible costs. In simple terms, this is our guiding principle when it comes to the development and implementation of optimal logistics concepts. Supported by our specialised partners and a modern communication and EDP landscape, we can fulfill almost all desired requirements, such as consignment warehouse, VMI, Kanban, JIT, Milkrun, sea freight, air freight etc. and even worldwide!
Professional communication
We are sure that good communication is the alpha and omega in every good relationship and therefore in every good business relationship. In a personal conversation, reliability, openness, friendliness, a sympathetic ear and authenticity are the foundations for good communication. In the context of electronic communication, we focus above all on clarity and transparency as well as, if applicable, the consistent adherence and use of platforms, norms and standards, like for example SupplyOn, VMI, EDI, EDI, EDIFACT, VDA4905, VDA4913 etc.
Safety stocks, stock and consumption monitoring and connection service
Availability and delivery security are typical Grieshaber attributes. In order to be able to act at the highest level, we need to know what you are planning and what your expectations are. If we know your ideas, we will gladly support you, for example in the implementation and monitoring of any necessary minimum or safety stocks, a consumption plausibility and monitoring and a proactive connection service. By this we mean the early identification of reasonable scenarios for securing connection requirements. For this reason, we take into account all information that is available to us, such as planned quantities, consumption, (material) delivery times and capacity situation. We are happy to help you cover your needs!