Supplementary procedure

Specially tailored to the needs of our customers, we offer a variety of supplementary procedures and skills in-house or partly in cooperation with long-term partner companies. Here is an excerpt of our supplementary fields of competence.

Deburring process
Deburring processes are often the most sensitive processes on a component, therefore it is very important that the most appropriate process is applied to the component and its requirements. Our first goal is always to directly combine the deburring process with the actual manufacturing process, in order to achieve optimal results. For this purpose, we use a wide variety of methods, such as high pressure deburring, rounding/chamfering or brushing directly on our processing machines. In addition, as separate process steps, among others, we offer the following procedures (in-house or partly together with long-standing partners): Thermal Deburring (TEM), Electrochemical Deburring (ECM), Barrel Finishing, Blasting, Polishing etc.
Cleaning and packaging processes
We rely on the use of state-of-the-art cleaning systems based on aqueous or chemical cleaners as well as modified alcohol. Again, the geometry of the component and your component requirements determine the selection of the fitting process. In addition to the actual cleaning, the subsequent residue-free drying and careful handling are essential basic principles for a perfect result. <br/> Based on our many years of experience, we know that compliance with the highest cleanliness and residual dirt requirements is not only based on component cleaning, but also the selection and design of the cutting processes and the environmental conditions and packaging have a decisive influence on the result. A special test room for residual dirt and cleanliness requirements in addition to component-specific packaging and packaging processes round off our expertise and capabilities in this area.
Test processes
Depending on the component, process and requirement, random tests, process-accompanying tests (SPC) and, if necessary, 100% dimensional tests or functional tests are defined. Our equipment of test methods and measuring equipment is state-of-the-art and is constantly adapted to developments and requirements.<br/>If no suitable test method is available, we are in the position, in close coordination with our customers and suppliers, to design common and, where appropriate, component-specific processes and procedures as well as, if necessary, special testing devices and systems and then implement them.
Surface and heat treatments, component refinement
Together with specialised, long-standing partner companies, we execute all common coating, further processing and finishing requirements in our material and industry sector. Common areas of focus are, above all, coating processes such as anodising processes (technical anodising, hard anodising and special processes), chemical nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, electropolishing, chemical glazing, various gliding or adhesive coatings, etc., but also heat treatments, such as annealing or transfer processes.
Assembly and labelling processes
If necessary, we also carry out small assembly work for you, such as O-ring assembly, pressing in of pins or balls or similar. Frequently, such work steps can be combined with the planned packaging or testing operation and therefore optimally integrated into the process sequence. Safe tracking of batches or even, if desired, of individual components is an important part of our quality philosophy. The batch separation is ensured by a special labelling of the transport containers across all processing stages, labelling directly on the component can be done by a scratching or embossing process as well as by state-of-the-art laser applications.