Environment and energy

In the Black Forest we live in harmony with nature. That's why environmental protection and sustainability are high on the agenda for us as a mechanical manufacturer of turned parts for the automotive industry and other industries.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Immersed in beautiful nature, environmental protection is not a burden for us, but rather a belief!

This is how we manufacture the majority of the tools we use ourselves, saving on material and transport costs. Our sophisticated storage system uses the smallest space and is directly connected to the production hall, which saves energy. We reprocess a lot of production waste such as oil and chips, in order to reuse them, saving raw materials and relieving the burden on the environment.

By preventing waste, we make a valuable contribution to the relief and preservation of our environment, as well as to the sustainability of our trade.

By constantly improving the quality of our services, we take the responsibility of our company into account for the environment.

Resource efficiency

We consider the observance and compliance of the relevant environmental regulations and laws as a minimum requirement and strive for a higher level of use of resources within our company. This means that we are proactive in the economical, efficient and comprehensible handling and procurement of raw materials and energy resources - as verified by certificates such as ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011.

We take the necessary precautions to avoid emissions resulting from accidents and are committed, as far as is economically justifiable, to the use of the best available state of the art.

We also expect a clear commitment from our suppliers to protect the environment and to use resources in a responsible manner.