What can you expect from us?
Time is money. Therefore, high material availability, speed and flexibility are part of our self-image. Thanks to our own tool and fixture construction, sample and prototype construction, we react extremely quickly and individually to your requirements. Our uniform machinery and the use of state-of-the-art technologies guarantee maximum flexibility.

Project planning

Grieshaber thinks ahead and anticipates– project management at Grieshaber is comprehensive and binding. Working with Grieshaber means: You have a reliable partner permanently by your side. We rely on a long-term and close partnership. This means that the motto applies: Your project is our project.

The earlier you get us involved in your project, the more you benefit from our material and process development expertise. Our sample and prototype department always has capacity for short-term feasability analyses. In addition, we have "virtual machines", in which we simulate the production of your product.

Family concept

Typically Grieshaber – Wherever we see the possibility of synergies, we draw attention to them and pass on the cost advantage to you. The prime example: our sophisticated Grieshaber Family Concept. We bundle similar workpieces from different customers into product families, which go through the same work processes. Therefore, many of the labour-intensive and cost-intensive small series of 2,000 pieces often become a medium or large series, which can be processed efficiently on the multi-spindle machine.


Single piece or million series? Both! – "Many and constantly" or "few and at short notice"? The automotive industry needs quite different quantities compared to medium-sized industrial customers in other branches.

Therefore, Grieshaber Precision has machines and capacities for all circumstances: Prototyping, flexible small series, medium series and of course the process-reliable mass production.

Our goal is to accompany the complete life cycle of a product. From the development part of the series requirements to spare parts supply.

Just tell us how much you need!


Time is money. – Therefore, material availability, speed and flexibility are part of our self-image.

No one has to bend for you at Grieshaber Precision! Because we are really flexible. Behind it lies clever resource planning, which has two pillars:

A long-term planning for large series and always sufficient capacities for small and medium-sized series.

With this scope and scalable production processes, we are able to implement short-term orders quickly and easily.